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"A designer knows that perfection is achieved
not when there is nothing left to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupťry (author of The Little Prince)

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March 8 2011
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Brief History of Conan Reis
Conan has been in the video game industry since 1993 and began his life with a grasp of storytelling, fiction, and entertainment that only a fun-loving, crazy Canadian named after a comic book character can really hope to attain.

  • Age 5 - Changed forever by discovering Pong and the Atari 2600.
  • Age 9 - Began programming on Atari 8-bit.  Wrote first artificial intelligence programs.
  • Age 11 - Started writing computer games, decided that this would be the perfect outlet for storytelling, AI, and eventual world domination.
Time passed...

  • Toiled at Electronic Arts Canada.
  • Co-founded Helikon Technologies Inc.
  • CEO-ed Sensible Toast Inc.
  • Slaved at LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • Returned for a second dose at Electronic Arts Blackbox.
  • Did mad computer science at United Front Games (UFG).
Today Conan is tinkering at his own company called Agog Labs. He has a number of people that are in cahoots with him and a number more who are cahoots in waiting.  It currently consists of working on the game/AI programming language SkookumScript, doing miscellaneous consulting jobs, R&D and the occasional mobile app/game.

Conan is married to the amazing Devon Reis (nťe Larsen), father to the astonishingly cute Zelda Reis and lives in British Columbia, Canada.  He easily amused, does not normally refer to himself in the third person and is currently toiling away on his next project.

Here are a few of my main links:

I do all my own stunts
Iíve accidentally walked into a black bear.  Iíve won a sailboat race during gale force winds.  Iíve shot aerial photography hanging out of a helicopter.  Iíve roasted marshmallows on molten lava.  Iíve scaled the side of a building to get in a third floor window.  Iíve given a speech to 10,000 people.  A nearby explosion once singed off my eyebrows.  Iíve fallen off an 80-foot cliff.  I was hit by a speeding car and smashed headfirst through its windshield.  I once tried to go without sleep for two weeks.  I performed a magic trick in front of 300 people.  Iíve been held up at machine-gun point.  And once I was caught off guard and I was attacked by and then fended off a gaggle of geese.

Here are some more things about me:

I have an avid interest in all things and I'm still a kid at heart--childlike not childish.   I'm a proud, unapologetic nerd who loves reading, watching cartoons and anime, and all things science fiction, British humour and Japanese culture.  I love dark humour, although my personal sense of humour is generally upbeat.  I love music and I have a very broad range of tastes.

I adore quirky video games, which led to my career as a video game designer and software engineer--itís fun, challenging and filled with talented and fascinating people.  I write programming languages, create artificial intelligence and figure out ways to make things more entertaining.

My friends tend to be on the eccentric side--usually witty and always interesting.  While the credits roll at the end of movies where science runs amok they often point an accusing finger at me and announce that I will probably be the guy whose creation runs off and destroys the world--or saves it--one or the other.

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