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Conan's Little Cottage by the Lake
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September 13 2004
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This is my new 2 bedroom cottage home by Sproat Lake in Port Alberni, BC Canada.

I described my dream place to work as a 'cottage by a lake' to my parents who were looking on my behalf while I was in the US. I didn't really expect it, but it sure would be nice... And lo and behold my mom saw an ad in the paper for a lakefront place to rent, she rushed over, took a bunch of pictures (the ones below), and the next thing you know my dream place is my new place.

[And compared to the San Fransico Bay Area prices that I've become used to when I was working at LucasArts, the rent seems criminally low.]

Cottage Photos 2004
sm-Cottage_Lakeside.jpg (1024x768 - 186874 bytes) sm-Cottage_DockToCottage1.jpg (1024x768 - 163069 bytes) sm-Cottage_DockToCottage2.jpg (768x1024 - 163988 bytes) sm-Cottage_Dock.jpg (768x1024 - 88495 bytes) sm-Cottage_Front.jpg (1024x768 - 136474 bytes) sm-Cottage_Lawn.jpg (768x1024 - 149448 bytes) sm-Cottage_BackYard.jpg (1024x768 - 154811 bytes) sm-Cottage_InsidePorch.jpg (1024x768 - 117703 bytes) sm-Cottage_LivingroomView1.jpg (1024x768 - 151326 bytes) sm-Cottage_LivingroomView2.jpg (1024x768 - 117691 bytes) sm-Cottage_SideYard.jpg (1024x768 - 170474 bytes) sm-Cottage_Garage.jpg (1024x768 - 109014 bytes) sm-Cottage_Shed.jpg (1024x768 - 141037 bytes) sm-Cottage_Meadow.jpg (1024x768 - 170264 bytes) sm-Cottage_Driveway.jpg (1024x768 - 175156 bytes)
I can take some pictures of the inside if anyone is interested...

I grew up at Sproat Lake and I've been missing it ever since.

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